NYC Data Science Newsletter 06/09/2014

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NYC Open Data Meetup


R Advanced Workshop
IX: Elastic Net, the LASSO, and Ridge Regression – RSVP Jun 09, Mon
Demo Days
V: Students of Machine Learning with R class – RSVP Jun 16, Mon
VI: Students of Data Science by Python class – RSVP Jun 19, Thu
Sunday, August 24, 2014 in NYC
Addressing a broad spectrum of ethical issues in data collection, storage, analysis, and sharing, the Data Ethics workshop will be a forum to explore data science’s potential ethical implications — both positive and negative — for data analytics practitioners and researchers in academia and industry. Perspectives from the humanities and social sciences are welcome.
The workshop is held in conjunction with 20th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD’14) in New York City.
Balancing transparency/openness vs. privacy/security
Intentional and unintentional impact
Balancing reward vs. risk of data usage
Data use and re-use
Theory vs. practice in data ethics
Case studies of ethical issues that have arisen in data science
“Hippocratic Oath for Data Scientists”
Data ethics and the law
Commercial / economic dimensions of data ethics
Safe and effective structures for “data philanthropy”
Data ownership vs. data as a public good
What data can/should be collected in public
Surveillance technologies: pros and cons
Data anonymization/scrubbing, and data de-anonymization
Cross-cultural differences in data ethics
Human data processing and the ethics of microtasking/crowdsourcing
Development of ethical norms and/or suggested checklists for data practitioners
In addition to traditional papers, submissions of case studies, position papers, posters, and extended abstract are also encouraged.
WORKSHOP: Sunday, August 24, 2014 in NYC

Last Week

Tabeau Beginner Workshop
III: Make & share basic visualizations – Blog post from Jun 02, 2014
Videos from Past Meetups
I: On Being a Data Skeptic – Cathy O’Neil
II: Python Beginner Workshop – John Downs

NYC Data Science Academy

– Introduction to Data Science by R
Begins on Jun 26, Sign up here.
We’ll cover: data manipulation & visualization, R progr- amming, R functions, simulation & modeling in R.
– RStudio’s Master R Developer Workshop
Begins on Sept 08, Sign up here.
We’ll cover: controlling evaluations, first class functions, object oriented programming, best practices in R, automated testing, release your packages, and more.
– Data Analytics by SAS, Beginner Level
Begins on Jun 08, Sign up here.
We’ll cover: data manipulation, various reporting, statistical analysis, SQL, looping & macro language.
– Data Visualization by Processing, Beginner Level
Begins on Jun 08, Sign up here.
We’ll cover: customizing font, shape, and color, making & processing variables, objects & functions, and advanced visualization such as time series and hierarchies.
– Social Media Expert Training
Begins on Jun 21, Sign up here.
We’ll cover: social signals, marketing techniques, how to automate, how to drive traffic to your website, how to optimize for location-base business.
– Data Science with R, Beginner Level
Begins on July 06, Sign up here.
We’ll cover: web data capture, string manipulation, advanced visualization, data mining models, and more.

Our Students’ Projects

Exploring The Epoch Times News Website
By Kannan Sankaran, a student from our Data Science with Python Course.
Kannan recently accepted a position as a Software Engineer at AppNexus.
Project Video: