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Predicting clicks in mobile advertising: An experiment

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry that acts as a bridge between companies and their customers. While most people are conscious of the ads around them, they likely underestimate the power of those ads and the influence of advertising in general. Research suggests that simply making someone aware of products, events, and brands increases the odds of that person actually buying those products, attending those events, or supporting those brands. Further, if an ad captures a person’s attention to the extent that he or she has an immediate, positive reaction to it, those odds of direct product engagement increase even more.

Mentor Matching using Machine Learning

For our group’s capstone project, we consulted with #BuiltByGirls, a non-profit organization that connects young students to professionals in the tech industry. The organization’s goal is to increase the tech industry participation of individuals from an underrepresented group in society. Mentees (students) are paired with mentors (professionals) who meet with the student to introduce him/her to the industry. After every meeting, both mentors and mentees rate the session they had from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.