IMS Bulletin: Global Attention focused on China: The 7th China R Conference in Beijing

It is not surprising that this big conference in China could attract so much attention. The recent meeting report on August 2014 Issue of IMS Bulletin described it as ‘a folk festival’ and fully approbated its great influence.

China R Conference has become a great platform for the improvement in data science from industry to academy, not only a chance to promoting data science using R. IMS Bulletin compared with the 1st China R conference which was organized only by a small group of students and the student-run website Capital of Statistics (COS). Then after six years, much more people from various fields or having different occupations came together and brought all kinds of programming languages. In addition, IMS Bulletin also pointed out the trend of participants becoming younger, which indicated a rosy future.

As one of the sponsors, SupStat is very glad to attend the whole conference and enjoys this great chance to see people sharing wonderful ideas.

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Meeting Report in IMS Bulletin