The 7th China R Conference in Beijing


The 7th China R Conference in Beijing was held on May 24th ~May 25th in Renmin University of China. SupStat is really happy and honored to sponsor and attend this meeting.

This is the largest ever R conference in China with 1814 registrations online and even 50 more requests of attendance with the help of special connections and friendship, after the online application system closed! At last the free and limited seats had to be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.As we could see from the below, people sit on the floor, lean on the wall, wait at the door, for this free and open R party!


There are many interesting talks here! The first day’s meeting was held in one of the largest most luxury rostrum(as a registration-free conference, thanks to the sponsorship of SupStat, Revolution Analytics, RStudio and so on).  Hadley Wickham’s talk about developing R packages and David Smith’s talk about How the growth of R helps data-driven organizations succeed served as the beginning part.  Dr. Kai Yu,Head of Institute of Deep Learning at Baidu, Dr. Ming Zhou, Principal Researcher of Natural Language Processing at Microsoft Research Asia and  Dr, Hansheng Wang, the statistic department head of Peiking University, also talked about their recent work and research projects.



In the afternoon, all attendance listened enthusiastically to the company lightning part and the discussion forum part for Big Data and data science education.



The next day’s meeting is divided into 3 parallel sessions; A on visualization; B for Big Data; C for R integration and others:

  • Session A(visualization) talks about ggvis by Hadley Wickham, recharts by the author Dr.Zhou and so on.
  • Session B(Big Data) talks about RHadoop, R-Web, rARPACK for SVD in ultra large matrix and the big data industry in China.
  • Session C(R integration and others) talks about R with python, R with Office , R in advertising, R in data mining, R in biology , Psychology and pharmacy  research.

Based on Beijing, the 7th China R conference attracted people all around the mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even outside China. Drawing from the registration information we could know that R users in China are mostly working in networks, IT, biology, finance and education. They are mostly interested in data mining and machine learning, data visualization and data solutions.
ChinaR7 ChinaR8
The R users attended the China R conference in Beijing is increasing amazingly! How about the next year?