NYC Data Science Newsletter 5/28/14

Dear Friends,
NYC Data Science Academy has a host of new courses beginning April. This month, we will be hosting nine courses total, four of which are entirely online. Scroll through our course offerings at our Meetup or at NYC Data Science Academy to find out more.
The courses in April are shown below.
4 Online classes:
Big Data by Hadoop (17 weeks, Beginner, H001) $2900
This 17 week online course will take you from Hadoop novice to an accomplished user.
Big Data by Hadoop (15 weeks, Intermediate, H002) $2500
Designed for the intermediate Hadoop user, this course studies and learns from real world cases.
R Stimulation I: Shiny, Rcharts Packages and js/html (5 weeks, Intermediate,RS001) $900
This course will take you through R shiny, how javascript and html work with other R packages, how to bind parameters through javascript, add twitter bootstrap elements, and effective web deployment.
R Stimulation II: Knitr Package (7 weeks, Intermediat­e,RS002) $1200
Creating dynamic reporting with Knitr package in R, this course also teaches how to make sas,spss tables by free/open source R, create your own R packages, websites, and your own books.
5 offline courses:
Data Science by Python(5 Saturdays, Beginner, P002) $850
This five week course is an excellent introduction to data analysis using Python.
Data Science by R Programming (5 Sundays, Intermediate, R004) $2100
This intensive five week program will take intermediate R users to an expert level. Focusing mainly on machine learning, this course will prepare you for the upcoming Kaggle course.
Web application by Node.js ( 5 Sundays, Beginner, N001) $850
Spanning advanced Node programming to third party API’s, this course is an excellent beginner course for Node.js.
Data Analytic by Excel (5 Saturdays, Intermediate, E001) $850
This course spans multi-sheet/file formulas, creating looping macros, to transforming volumes of information with a single click. This course will help you to become much more effecient in your data work using Excel.
Data Visualization by D3.js (5 Sundays, Beginner, D002) $850
Taught by Adam Pearce, a top Stack Overflow D3 expert, this beginner D3.js course will have you consturcting interactive sparklines and pie charts in no time at all.
I hope to see you all very soon!