NYC Open Data Newsletter 5/12/14

Next Week’s Events


Github Workshop:

Common Git Workflow

This workshop is taught by one of the most known hacker in New York, Aidan Feldam. He will cover the common Git workflow, publishing a project on Git -hub, and how to collab- orate on an existing repo- sitory. By the end of the workshop, all attendees will be open source contr- ibutors.
What is Github and why use it?
Well, it is a web-hosting for those who use Git vers- ion control. RSVP here.

Hadoop Workshop

Is it possible that one hadoop system will fit all size of data? The answer is yes!

And Vivian is gonna show you how to do that. The THD is a Hadoop-based system born in Shanghai high tech park. Aside from unbelievable flexibility (capable for storage and analysis of data from 100GB to over 2PB), it also got faster processing speed than most systems. So come and check it out! RSVP here.

Parallel Computing R Workshop

This workshop will be delivered by CTO Vivian,Zhang.The packages providing parallel facilities in R make parallel computing remarkably easy. One such package is foreach.
RSVP here.