NYC Open Data Newsletter 5/5/14

Data Scientists Are Taking Over!

It is estimated that 6000 companies are now hiring data scientists, these include major search engines,  social networks, financial institutions, online retailers, and government facilities. But why?
Well, one probable answer is: there is simply too much data! 90% of the world’s data is generated in the last two years and lies in that data intelligence that could generate huge profit. However, to analyze data that big requires specialized techniques that combines knowledge in math, statistics, computer science, and domain expertise.
That’s where we come in, right?  To much data to deal with? Analysis too complicated? We got’em, cause we’re data scientists!
See the proverbial “Road Map” to becoming a Data Scientist!

Gear Up for Lauch Event!

BigApps is 4-month competition that empowers the sharpest  minds in tech, design, and business to solve NYC’s toughest civic challenges. Their launch event is on May 7 at AppNexus. Come to meet their data providers, partners, your future teammates, and have fun!
RSVP here.
From May 15 to June 15, we will delicate three meetups to assist participants in competition. 
Coming soon!