NYC Data Science Newsletter 5/5/14

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New Tableau Course

The Academy is offering a five-week tableau beginner course that will intro-
duce you to the wonderful Tableau Visualization.
What does Tableau do? – Well, basically, data visualization.
But why Tableau? – For one thing, their products are based on a breakthrough technology from Standford University that enables you to drag & drop to analyze data? Magical, huh? For another, their charts just beautiful!
Watch a tutorial.
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Our Students Projects


See more useful materials aboutLaila’s project on our blog.

Restaurant Sanitation Report in New York City

By Laila

In this project Laila analyzed the sanitation of restaurants in NYC. She categorized all the rest- aurants by boroughs and cuisine types and visual- ized their distribution with API.


Watch Laila’s presentation video and see how she analyzed and visualized the data of all restaurants in NYC.

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