Who We Are

Written by Vivian Zhang, Edited by Jennifer Morris SupStat was born in 2012 out of the collaboration of 60+ of individuals who met through a well known non-profit organization in China, Capital of Statistics.The SupStat team met through analytical volunteer work and through various collaborations on R packages. SupStat’s founders and team members are also a significant driving force in the New York City data science community through the NYC Open Data Meetup.

SupStat offers consulting services in the areas of R development, data visualization, and big data solutions. We are experienced with many technologies and languages including R, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Node.js and etc. We are official partners with Revolution Analytics, Transwarp and RStudio.

SupStat was founded with an intention of building the New York, Beijing and Shanghai data science communities. As of Mar 2014, the NYC Open Data Meetup had 1400 members. We host workshops of 15 to 150 people and host one to three events per week which typically see 100 to 150 people per event. U.S. sponsors have included McKinsey & Company, Thoughtworks, and others. Our Beijing monthly tech event sees over 500 attendees and gains attraction from event co-hosts including Baiyu, Youku and others.

In addition to data science community building events and workshops, SupStat works to train more individuals in data science through NYC Data Science Academy and I Smart Data. Courses offered include R (beginner, intermediate, advanced), Data Science by Python (beginner, intermediate, advanced), GitHub, Node.js, D3.js, Hadoop (beginner, intermediate). We strongly encourage our own team and engineers and data scientists in the SupStat, NYC Open Data, NY Data Science Academy, and I Smart Data to offer workshops and courses. It no only scales the impact we can have with data, but it also offers each presenter and teacher and opportunity to further master their domain(s) of expertise.

For more information on SupStat or to discuss your data needs, please contact us.