SupStat is an international statistical consulting company. We have experienced consultants from top statistical graduate schools and companies in US and China.


Based on strong academic and professional backgrounds, SupStat aims at offering you real, complete and individual solutions and, most importantly, real value.


We have been providing free statistical services in China for 6 years. Based on the strong professional background, it is our mission to offer you expert statistical and data mining consulting.

Let's Make Data Useful!

SupStat is a consulting company specialized in statistical computing using open technologies.

Latest News

Past Work

  • Full spectrum support of all R packages and R programming
  • Reproducible research (knitr training)
  • HTML5 and javascript interactive web (html5 visualization, slidfy, rCharts and etc)
  • Deep learning(Our team includes top 0.1% ranked kagglers)
  • R+Hadoop+Hive enterprise solution, Amazon cloud deployment solution