Revolution R Enterprise

Revolution R Enterprise is the fastest, most cost effective enterprise-class big data big analytics platform available today. Supporting a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities, Revolution R Enterprise is also 100% R. Revolution R Enterprise provides users with the best of both – cost-effective and fast big data analytics that are fully compatible with the R language, the de facto standard for modern analytics users.Click here learn more about RRE


Transwarp Data Hub

TRANSWARP DATA HUB (TDH) is the most deployed one stop Hadoop distribution in China and offers the leading performance to big data analytics applications. It delivers 10X to 100X faster performance than open source Apache Hadoop 2. TDH is applicable for enterprises with different scale of data, say 10GB to 100PB. The incredible running speed can be achieved via 100% in-memory distributed computing, highly efficient indexing, execution optimization and highly fault-tolerant technology.Enterprise customers will no longer worry about integrating different products. Click here learn more about Transwarp Data Hub.



Tableau Desktop is a software application that is based on a breakthrough technology from Stanford University. It lets you graphically analyze, virtually any structured data to produce visually intuitive charts, graphs, dashboards and reports in minutes. With Tableau’s easy to use drop-n-drag interface you can customize views, layouts, shapes, colors and more to help you present your data insight.Click here learn more about Tableau


We partner with Alteryx to provide a powerful business intelligence technology that allows users to create software applications to solve data analysis problems and make decisions. We utilize Alteryx to power our business intelligence solutions. Alteryx handles our data processing, automation and reporting functionality.Click here learn more about Alteryx.